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Fresh Start 2020


The time is now!! 2020 is about to begin with the US Street Nationals presented by Diamond Pistons. Who will win $25000 in RVW and Pro Mod!? Plus all the other exciting classes that will be on display!

As an announcer I try to take a favorite side. It’s awesome to see all the different types of power plants battling it out. This event is going to feature the best in the business Brian Lohnes announcing along myself. Something about brotherhood whenever we both get on the microphone. The toughest thing in the announcing world is sharing the microphone and making it entertaining without one over powering the other!!

Time to shake off the rust and do the research to give the best possible show! SpeedVideo will be live all weekend as the last free event they will probably ever do! This race will go down in the record books! The air is going to be stellar and with Jimmy Bradshaw and the Bradenton park crew the sky is the limit. Rumor has it Tyler Crossnoe is coming down to join the party!

Make sure to tune in and chat with us announcers via SpeedVideo or fill free to send me a message on Facebook via Lee Sebring or TEC Zone. Now it is time to smell the traction compound in the air and burnout smoke filling up the hole in our lives we have missed since 2019!

Who’s gonna be BADDEST man or woman to win their category!? Will records fall!? Get ready to have a BLAST!! Time to PUT IT IN DA BEAMS with a little TOP END CHARGE!!!

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